skkrrrttttt BACK the fuck up

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Amy was a lover infinitely.. That’s why I can’t help but love the girl. Love often explains the best & the worst angles of a person.


Not sure if this will be a permanent thing, but I can’t ever fully believe it when someone calls me beautiful

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in love with the whole Love Jones soundtrack. it’s so.. beautiful.

i wish David G. Maloney & Alexander Shunnaruh would stop making these shit ass lawyer commercials. when it comes down to it, im not callin none of y’all. im callin Eric K. Roberts.


Perfect loop.

okay, enough quoting Love Jones. watching Orphan Black now. it’s pretty interesting.

i love you, and that’s urgent as hell.

this right here, right now, at this very moment is all that matters to me.

i never stopped thinking about you.